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Presence builds communication capability in high performing teams. We deliver practical corporate communication training and services to people and organisations who want their efforts to be recognised, desired, and appreciated.

When you discover ‘the next big thing’ – or introduce innovation to your industry to gain a competitive edge – who will notice?
Will your achievements be acknowledged and applauded by the people you want to impress?
How will you communicate your value?
The people you want to attract to your business will recognise the quality of what you and your team do when you have Presence working with you.
They’ll appreciate the value you bring to them because of the trust and reputation Presence will help you build with effective communication.
We can help your business create a strong presence and be noticed by the people who matter with successful PR and marketing strategies, as well as by training your team to communicate your brand quality effectively.
We’re a small business, so personal service is guaranteed. But we’re also well-connected and can coordinate affiliated services such as design, photography, printing, video production, etc. to offer you ‘one-stop-shop’ convenience and consistency. And if we can’t help you directly, we’ll connect you with someone who can.
It also means we’re nimble – we can work with you anywhere with an internet connection.