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At Simplicity Funerals our funeral directors provide expert care and support to all families no matter their race, religion, culture, financial situation or lifestyle.

Since 1979 our funeral directors have been at the forefront of providing real choice to families when it comes to making funeral arrangements. Our staff are approachable, professional and respectful – they are real people who are dedicated to helping families during a difficult time, as well as being involved in the communities around them.

Being a funeral director is a very satisfying vocation. It takes a variety of special skills as you arrange a significant family event in a relatively short time frame. The qualities we look for in a funeral director include:

  • Listening and reflecting abilities
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail, and
  • The dedication to provide a high standard of care to all.

Simplicity funeral directors come from all walks of life. Some join us after careers in other industries and some come to us having worked as funeral directors before.

Regardless of their background, Simplicity Funerals extensively trains all staff to perform the role of a funeral director with dignity and respect. Visit the Testimonials section to read letters sent to our funeral directors from appreciative families.