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Debt Collection

Acting for a wide range of clients in diverse industries in respect of their receivables, appointment of agents Australia wide, overseeing and instructing agents, setting up systems and process to achieve speedy and cost effective resolutions of collection matters to maximise clients returns.

Advising in respect of and drafting terms and conditions of: Trade; Supply; Performance, Credit, Litigation

Acting in a wide range of matters including without limitation disputes concerning:

Services rendered or goods sold and delivered. Creditor against principal debtor and his/her surety severally of a guarantee for goods or services provided. Dishonoured cheques. Money lent.


Advising creditors, directors, contributories, insolvency practitioners with respect to insolvent companies and persons.

Acting on behalf of creditors, contributories, insolvency practitioners with respect to litigation arising out of the administration of insolvent companies and persons

Advising creditors, directors, contributories with respect to implementation of methods and processes to prevent loss and litigation associated with companies and persons becoming insolvent.

Complete Service

Further support is provided by a talented team of sub commercial agents and secretarial staff.

All of us at MCI are committed to: Act in your best interest all times, Provide you with expert advice and recommendations, Provide you with necessary updates relevant to changes in Laws and procedures, Recommend approaches to litigation and maximise the recovery of you money