Driving Lessons


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Learn to drive, not just pass the test. With experienced instructors and modern safe vehicles, you will get the best driver training available.

World-wide studies show that it takes 350 hours of driving experience for the average person to become a good driver. The Queensland Graduated Licensing system was implemented to ensure that new drivers undergo about 350 hours driving before they are issued with an Open Licence.

Ipswich Pro Drive has a staff of experienced Driving Instructors who would like to help you through the licensing process. We recommend that your first few driving lessons take place in a dual control vehicle with a qualified instructor to set you on the correct path. Every hour spent with an Ipswich Pro Drive instructor counts as 3 hours in your logbook.

Ipswich Pro Drive offers:

  • To arrange suitable lesson times for you
  • To start your driving lessons from home, school or workplace
  • To drop you off where you like
  • The choice of Automatic or Manual cars
  • Lessons tailored for your individual needs
  • Driving lessons 7 days a week
  • To book your driving test for you

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