Promote Your Business With Us

ShopIpswich provides members of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry to showcase their products and services.

Members can sign up to promote their products and services on this website by:

  1. Downloading the Vendor Application Form and returning a signed copy to the chamber via email or fax 07 3282 7471.
  2. Agree to the General Terms and Conditions of this website and the Vendor Policy.

Online Shopping

The online shopping area allows you to list your product for sale, this area allows traditionally non retailers to promote their merchandise, eg. hairdressing salons could sell their hair products to customers.

This area allows customers to see what is for sale and what they can buy online. A fee applies every time an item is sold in this area.

Promote Your Services or Offers

List your services and offers in the Trades and Services and Entertainment and Recreation directories, along with a detailed business profile. Promote your services, eg:

"Lawn Mowing Services from $60"

"Looking for House Renovations and Extensions"

"Sell Your House to a reputable agent now"

Depending on what your business offers will depend on the type of listing you will construct to attract customers.

Banner Sponsorship

ShopIpswich also provides members more promotional opportunities through paid banner sponsorship. If you are interested in banner sponsorship contact us via

The following banner sponsorship is available:

Bottom Banner (768x120px)

This banner is permanently positioned at the bottom of the website and will alternate between banners in this group.

Side Banner (160 x 280px)

These banners display on the right hand side of the home page and content pages. They do not display within Shopping or the directories.

Category Banner (720x90px)

This banner is permanently positioned at the top of a category and are limited to three alternating banners.