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Growth Focus Consulting was formerly known as John Vogel & Associates. Located in the Ipswich CBD Queensland, John Vogel & Associates specialised in accounting and compliance work and was a family orientated business. John, owner and key accountant, started developing strong relationships with his clients establishing a strong, committed client base across the South East Queensland region. Clients would recommend and boast about their experience and the service provided, which acted as a catalyst promoting the business and stimulating substantial growth.


As demand for John Vogel and Associates increased, so did the need for the acquisition of new team members to ensure fast, efficient service was provided to clients. As the team expanded so did the intellectual property within the firm. Now having a knowledge base in areas of marketing, HR and financial planning, the team saw a niche in the market for consulting and business coaching and found a use for this newly gained intellectual property; this is when Growth Focus Consulting emerged – representing a modern professional accounting firm with versatility and a competitive edge.

Today, GFC is a dynamic organization that is continuously evolving. Diversity of our team and services allow us to promise you that GFC will always strive to ensure we meet your business needs and exceed your expectations – wherever you are nation wide.