About ShopIpswich

Shopping locally a benefit to everyone

The Ipswich Chamber of Commerce has always encouraged people to shop locally in the Ipswich Region. The growth and subsequent success of local businesses largely depend on the continued actions of local shoppers to think local when purchasing goods or services.

Chamber members will have the opportunity to advertise and sell their products online, while benefiting from being part of the highly recognised brand of Shop Ipswich. Chamber members can set up mini stores and trade or offer services online. Customers can shop from all different sellers in the Ipswich region, with one easy checkout and all purchases are dispatched to the consumer from the seller.

Members can benefit by growing their business by potentially reaching hundreds of new customers daily, benefit from an additional online presence/shop front, uploading as many products as they like to their "store" and access and update their products pages easily.

Just like a virtual shopping mall, shoppers from all over Australia can log on, view and buy goods and services from businesses in the Ipswich area.

This initiative is unlike any other in the Chamber’s 108 year history and we are very excited to see this new opportunity for members comes to fruition in 2015.